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How to get to the clinic?

The easiest way is to take Saint-Joseph Boulevard south, in the direction of Alexandre-Taché Boulevard

After the roundabout near the Hervé St-Amour store, keep going straight on Saint-Joseph. Turn left on de Lorimier Street and right on Lois Street. If you are northbound on Saint-Joseph, turn right on Saint-Jean-Bosco Street and then left on Lois Street. We are at 10 rue Lois. We are near Gatineau Mosque.

Do you have parking?

Yes, there are six parking spots in front of the clinic.

Street parking also is allowed for a period of two hours.

What makes your osteopathy clinic different from others?

We are convinced that there is a right therapeutic approach and a right therapist for each patient.

Our clinic uses structural manipulation and we take RPM into account for our treatments. Our approach is more ‘mechanical’ and we don’t keep patients on long-term treatment plans.

Actually, we usually see patients 3 to 5 times, depending on the case.

A patient must already experience true improvement after the first treatment.

We feel comfortable with all types of patients, whether high-level athletes, ordinary people, pregnant women, children or babies.

We don’t limit ourselves to strictly osteopathic techniques. We use other treatment methods that are known for their efficiency, such as cupping, Gua Sha, Eastern tissular techniques or Imoove.

How long is an osteopathic session?

An average of 45 minutes to an hour.

What happens during a session?

At the first meeting, the patient is asked to completea health questionnaire.

The therapist then takes the time to review the questionnaire with the patient.

The session includes some tests and assessments and treatment will follow.

We recommend that patients bring comfortable clothes with them, underwear, or shorts and undershirt.

Clinique d'Ostéopathie StructurelleClinique d'Ostéopathie StructurelleClinique d'Ostéopathie Structurelle