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Aymeric Dupon

Aymeric is a kinesiologist who graduated from the University of Orléans (France) with a Master's degree in Adapted physical activities and health. Since then, he has worked in several nutritional and functional rehabilitation centers in France and Quebec. He has been living in Quebec since 2011 and has developed expertise in chronic pain and anode-depressive disorders at Ergothérapie de l'Estrie in Sherbrooke. He constantly seeks to deepen his knowledge by following several training:

  • Deep tissue massage
  • Training with Kettlebell and in suspension TRX and TRX rip
  • Therapeutic relation and management of difficult patients
  • Exercises adapted to the upper and lower limbs
  • Certificate in Rehabilitation in Chronic Pain Context

After arriving in the Outaouais in 2015 and having spent 7 years in the field of kinesiology, he set himself the challenge of obtaining his degree in osteopathy to better help people with pain.

"My listening skills and professional skills will help you achieve your fitness goals no matter what your age or physical condition."

He is a member of the «Fédération des Kinésiologue du Québec».


Clinique d'Ostéopathie StructurelleClinique d'Ostéopathie StructurelleClinique d'Ostéopathie Structurelle